I am a high school drop out, or if I am really honest I was politely asked to leave.

After several years, many important life lessons and two months living at a health retreat; I eventually went back to college and launched my PR consultancy while I was still studying. I was young, ambitious and too outspoken to work for someone else and the gamble paid off. 

Over the next 15 years I would travel the world and work with a host of remarkable individuals and brands; including a world-leading Supermodel, New York Times bestselling authors, pioneers in the world of wellness, inventors, musicians and even a British foot reader!

I played my part in the launch of the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Secret’, hosted an exclusive event on ‘The World’, one of the most luxurious residential ships in existence; convinced Richard Wilkins to put his bare foot up to camera on breakfast television, tied Miranda Kerr naked to a tree to raise awareness for koalas and put a marriage equality ring on Deepak Chopra, among many other incredible experiences!

Today I continue to work with leading brands as a public relations consultant and proactively use my voice to help women put themselves out there through the art of personal branding.