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The Brand in You


A powerful one day workshop designed to help women navigate the art of personal branding and put themselves out there. The workshop is intimate, uplifting and highly productive. It is the perfect combination of self study, insightful introspection and practical planning. You will walk away with a greater awareness of who you are and the brand you want to be in the world. 

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Personal Brand Consultation


According to an article featured in the Harvard Business Review, 'building a personal brand can mean the difference between an unrewarding job and a fulfilling career.' My experience representing high profile individuals internationally, has given me the tools and experience to help individuals, small business owners, entrepreneurs and executives alike, create shape and manage a personal brand that truly resonates with who they are. 

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Personal Branding Speaker


A company is only as good as the people within it, and effective personal branding can offer a serious competitive advantage. I am available to deliver keynote and masterclass format presentations to inspire team members to discover their best self and master the art of putting themselves out there accordingly. Ideally suited to female team members but can be tailored to cater to a mixed group.

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So they say....

Miranda Kerr- CEO & Founder KORA Organics

"I worked with Carlii over a 7 year period and in that time she played a variety of different roles. First as my personal publicist and then as Communications Manager for my skincare brand KORA Organics. I developed a great deal of trust in her both personally and professionally and always felt confident she had my best interests at heart. I was very supportive of Carlii's decision to take extended maternity leave and feel blessed to have worked with her for the time we did."

Siimon Reynolds- Co Founder The Fortune Institute

"I highly recommend Carlii as a PR personal branding expert. She has deep knowledge of the craft and art of personal branding, developed over many years of advising some of the world's most eminent individuals on their PR and brands. Her immense expertise was developed not in academia but in the trenches, solving real-world challenges for real-world companies, stars and executives. Carlii blends this high-level proficiency with a wonderful heart- all her clients know that she deeply cares. In summary: Carlii Lyon has expertise, experience and soul. A rare combination."

Suzanne Harmann- GM Marketing

"I was recently very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Carlii on personal branding. Carlli was an amazing coach to work with, she was extremely insightful and was quickly able to identify areas for improvement . Carlii provided practical advice that was very personalized and has made a huge impact to me professionally as well as personally. Carlli's process provided me with great confidence and I believe will be a turning point in my career. I can highly recommend Carlii to anyone looking for a personal branding expert to step change their career, enabling them to be their best self."

Hilton Seskin- Executive Chairman

"Carlii’s integrity and genuine desire to help her clients achieve their goals is what makes her so unique. While her professional achievements are extremely impressive and well deserved, it is her kindhearted character that sets her apart."

Chris Murphy- Manager INXS

"Carlii has the ability to make everyone feel like a star simply by being in her presence."

Dr John Demartini- The Secret

"Carlii expanded my personal brand exponentially in our time working together and I am eternally grateful for her wisdom, grace, professionalism and commitment."